Is There Any Chromecast Audio Alternatives Available – Yes It Is !! (Not A Bluetooth Speaker)

Google Chromecast audio is no doubt a cheap and best solution for the whole home audio solution for you. But recently Google decided to discontinue this awesome home audio device. So now what ? No worries anymore, as there are few other Chromecast audio alternatives available in the market which can surely replace the ease and flexibility of the Chromecast audio device. In this post, we will explore some of these alternatives to Chromecast audio solutions. 

Before we see the alternatives, let’s first understand the features and drawbacks that the Chromecast audio used to provide us. And what we should expect from the alternatives to fill in its place indeed. So just relax and read further to find out the Chromecast audio replacements.

What Is Google Chromecast Audio Device ?

Google Chromecast Audio is a wifi connected device that allows turning any of your self-powered speakers with an AUX input into a wifi-connected speaker in which you can cast music and media to from a variety of apps like the Google Home app, Google Play Music app, etc (any app that supports Chromecast)

This is basically a connected whole-home audio solution (it simply means that you can listen to music to all the audio devices placed at any corner of your room from the same media instead of playing any music separately in any specific speaker) .

Chromecast Audio Alternative Available

Gone are the days when we used to have these audio speakers connected to each other by the means of wires. Now we are living in the age of Wifi, where no wired connection required (sound quality will depend upon the wifi network signal strength) . 

Why Does Chromecast Audio So Famous Than The Other Home Audio Solutions ?

Playing music everywhere in your home is indeed a luxury worth paying for (really ?) . The foremost reason for the popularity of this awesome Chromecast audio device is its price point. A  Chromecast Audio device used to cost around 35 bucks (very cheap isn’t it !!)

Being a cheap product, don’t ever think that it will not live up to your expectations. The truth is that this small audio device delivers an amazing lossless audio streaming high-quality sound to any hi-fi speakers without any lag whatsoever  So just plug it and enjoy your audio.

The second other reason is its flexibility in terms of its size. It is a relatively small device that you can just connect to any of your audio Hi-Fi speakers and just forget about it . 

The next thing which we really like in this small powerful device is its ability to group any number of CCA (Chromecast Audio) speakers together in a speaker group (along with the Google Home speakers as well). You can then easily control the volume and also adjust the mix of your speaker group from the Google Home app itself. 

Chromecast Audio – The Possible Drawbacks !!

The biggest demerit of having these Chromecast audio devices is that you still need a mobile phone to cast the music. In this age of smart speakers, we all know how the home audio system changed in recent times. With just a small trigger word, we can able to play music in Amazon Echo devices or any Google Home Mini speakers. 

So mainly due to the above points, you might search for the rightful Chromecast audio replacement surely. And as you read further you can hopefully get your answer too.

Chromecast Audio Alternative Available

So it is something we really like it as an annoying requirement, but this is still fine considering the price and flexibility it offers in terms of the usage. 

So Why Does Google Abandoned This Cool Audio Device? (The Possible Reason Indeed !!)

Though the exact reason is not confirmed yet one possible reason is the existence of the Google Home Mini solution in the market. Both this basically caters to the same home audio solution for its audiences. But as per our useability, we can say that both these are designed for different use cases.

Google Home Mini needs an interaction by the means of its touch interface, which requires you to interact with it. Also, you can’t just plug it and forget about this device (unlike Chromecast audio device) .

On the other hand, the Chromecast audio need not be accessible, once you plug it into some speaker. Also, it is way smaller and doesn’t have any touch interface.

Chromecast Audio Alternatives – List Of Other Alternate Audio Streaming Options !!

Since Google decided to stop the production of this simple and useful music casting device, it’s now the time for us to find out the perfect  Chromecast audio alternatives.

List of Chromecast Audio Alternatives (for ready reference) : 

  • AudioCast Streaming Device
  • Sonos Smart speakers
  • Audio Pro
  • Echo Devices
  • Google Mini streaming devices

A CCA alternative must satisfy all the features that we used to get from the Chromecast audio device in the true sense. So without wasting any further time, let’s dig deep into each of the devices listed above :

1. AudioCast  Audio Streaming Device !!

Now, this AudioCast device is our top recommendation as to the true alternative for the Chromecast audio device indeed. It is basically of the same size and can be bought for almost the same price ( around 40 bucks) from any online retailer.

Within the pack, you will get the same USB cable for charging, an instruction manual, a wall adapter, and the 3.5mm AUX cable along with this little monster.

Chromecast Audio Alternative Available

The design is pretty sleek and no doubt similar to the Google Audio Cast device. There is also a ‘WPS‘ button to turn on and configure the Wifi connectivity in this along with the stereo jack for the AUX cable to connect the speakers.

Without wasting any further time, just go ahead and check this awesome streaming device here for the latest price. AudioCast is indeed the best alternative for the Chromecast audio.

How to use this ?

In your iPhone/Android device install the app ‘AudioCast‘ in the app store.

Download and set up the Wifi (enter security key)

Press the WPS button and allow the app to detect this device.

Finally, select the room and you are good to go. Start streaming audio now right away.


Chromecast Audio Alternative Available

So to use this for audio casting, you need to install a free app named ‘AudioCast‘ from the Play Store/App Store. This will work with any type of speaker (whether Bluetooth or any other set of speakers).

You can then play any song through the AudioCast app itself, also can play a single song in different multiple speakers like we used to enjoy with the Chromecast Audio. 

Check out the latest reviews and  pricing for the AudioCast on Amazon

2. Sonos Speakers – A Worthy Chromecast Audio Alternative !!

Sonos speakers are also a great alternative to the basic Chromecast Audio but at a stupidly high price to be precise.  So you need to first install the Sonos app and create an account, and continue the setup process.

After configuring the wifi network and connection process, proceed further to stream your favorite music from any music streaming app directly to your Sonos speakers. You can further add any additional Sonos speaker from the Sonos app itself. 

Sonos speakers are really great multi-home audio solutions with a very sleek and easy to use App to control all the acoustics from one central point. But it’s really very pricey at the same time. 

Check out the latest price and reviews for the Sonos Speakers on Amazon

During our testing phase, we were essentially impressed by the sound quality and the seamless performance (without any lag !!) of these streaming devices. The high price is indeed justified for the luxury you will get.

3. Audio Pro  – A Worthy Contender !!

Audio Pro has many awesome multi-room audio solutions lined up for you. It also offers wireless connectivity and plays any music directly from any audio device seamlessly. The size is pretty big as compared to the smaller Chromecast audio though . 

The touch and feel of its speakers really give a feel of a premium vibe indeed. It offers you the Airplay support for your iPhone , Spotify connect , Tidal , Deezer etc all supported. There is no voice control though. 

Check out the review and price of Audio Pro on Amazon

4. Amazon Echo – The Mighty Beast !!

This is a completely different genre in itself. The Echo dot devices specifically fall under the smart speaker’s category. These further provide support for voice commands.

So if you are really a fan of all these connected ecosystem audio streaming devices and further like the term ‘assistant‘ then surely you can try for these. 

Chromecast Audio Alternative Available

It offers easy pairing with other Amazon products and also a plethora of smart features. Further, these Amazon products are comparatively cheaper than the Sonos or any other high-end audio streaming devices. 

Check out Echo Devices on Amazon and also get 6 months of Amazon Music subscription-free !!

5. Google Home Mini – The Most Stylish Alternative From Google Itself !!

Lastly, if you are like me, then being with another Google product will be a good choice indeed. And fortunately, we have the latest editions of these latest Home Mini speakers with advanced streaming options for you.

You can anytime switch over to Google’s inherent audio products like the Home Mini speaker solutions. This also offers the same level of satisfaction as compared to the Chromecast Audio devices. Also, you can have additional smart features. 

Chromecast Audio Alternative Available

The biggest merit here is that you can use these Google Home speakers with other TV’s, soundbars, android devices, etc as well. 

Check out Google Mini devices on Amazon !!

If you are an iPhone user then you may like to be with the Apple ecosystem only and for you to we have a good Chromecast audio alternative available in the form of the AirPlay 2 enabled speakers.

Just sync in your iPhone with these AirPlay 2 enabled speakers and stream music audio directly from any media source efficiently. 

Will Chromecast Audio Be Available In Future – Final Thoughts !!

With the Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices, Google is really setting itself as a powerful contender in the Home audio solutions market.

Google is the only company that offers an affordable solution smart speakers with smart assistants built into them and also adding wifi connectivity to existing speakers with Google Chromecast audio devices (grouping all speakers and cast music). 

For the time being, just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the updated version of the Chromecast audio in the near future. Again if it doesn’t come then anyways you can go with any of the recommended Chromecast audio alternatives as mentioned above.

For using the screencast options from your iPhone/Android device using Chromecast without Wifi/internet, you can directly check this link here

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