How To Connect Chromecast Without Wifi (Or Internet) – A Simple Trick !! (Using Wifi Hotspot Feature)

Google Chromecast is indeed a good option to turn any of your normal TV into a feature rich smart TV by simply connecting the Chromecast device with it . So in recent times with the advent of new technologies , it is also becomes possible to cast your mobile/Chromebook screen directly to the big screen of your TV without Any Wifi router in place . So in this post we will explore the steps required to connect Chromecast without wifi or active internet connection easily .

Chromecast Without Wifi (Or Internet)

A Google Chromecast  will always do need an active wifi connection (home internet) by means of wifi router at your home . But recently in some of the phones it has been proved that the screen casting from your phone to big screen not necessarily require a wifi router . So this post is all about those possibilities .

Here we gonna talk about two  methods each to use Chromecast without Wifi and then no internet at all . So just relax and proceed further for the ultimate trick to use this advance feature of screen casting from Chromecast without Wifi router .

How To Cast Your Mobile Screen To TV Using Chromecast Without Wifi Router ?

Until now we know that a home router is what we precisely require to connect both of our devices i.e. Chromecast and mobile . Both has to be in same wifi network to start the screen cast process . Now to connect the Chromecast without Wifi , we have to implement the wifi tethering technology (Wifi hotspot) .

Before we start we must understand that the video which we will share from our small screen mobile device , will not be directly shared from our phone . Your phone is just a means or say a remote that talk to Chromecast device and tells it what to do (volume controls etc) .

So the main thing you should understand here is that the data transfer (video streaming will take place) over the internet and not from the phone anyways . Now once this concept is clear , lets proceed further .

Method 1 – To Connect Chromecast Without Wifi Using Two Mobile Phones !!

Now in this method we basically required two mobile phone (Android/iPhone/iPad/Tablet) device . One will be the primary and the other will be the secondary device . So i hope you are already acquaint with the Chromecast dongle set up process , still we’ll again recap the steps here .

Chromecast Without Wifi (Or Internet)

Note : Firstly you need to reset your Chromecast device , so that it will no longer be connected to any home wifi router in any way .Power it with USB and press (hold) the reset button for few seconds to reset the Chromecast dongle .

So in the primary mobile phone , turn on the internet connection (cellular data and not a wifi connection) . Then once you are connected to the internet via your SIM network , then you need to switch ON the Wifi Hotspot’ feature from the notification/control center space .

So once you started the wifi hotspot feature in your primary device , now its time for us to use this network as the common network for both the Chromecast device and the secondary mobile device .

The secondary device can be any mobile/laptop/Chromebook , from where you want to cast your device screen to the big screen of your TV over internet using Chromecast device .

Now let us understand the steps in this method :

Note : Primary device means the device which we use as internet source (in place of router as we do traditionally) , and Secondary device is the device which we want to cast screen from to the TV screen using the Home app . 

Chromecast Without Wifi (Or Internet)

1. In your primary phone (having an active mobile data connection) , turn on the wifi hotspot feature once you are connected to the internet (while creating this wifi hotspot , do note down the hotspot name and password as it will help us in the next method)

If hotspot is not there ,then create a new hotspot right away : 

Settings —-> Network & Internet  —-> Hotspot & Tethering —> Turn On Wifi Hotspot —-> Set Up Portable hotspot

Chromecast Without Wifi (Or Internet)

2. Now in your secondary phone , turn on Wifi option and connect to the wifi hotspot of the primary device . Hence you will now have an active internet in your secondary device as well .

3. Install Google Home app in your secondary device and do the initial set up process . After the successful set up , you can finally connect to the Chromecast device .

4. Now you can able to cast your secondary device screen directly into the big screen of your TV .

So the method we discussed above is the normal process where , we have just replaced the usage of Wifi router with the mobile hotspot eventually .

So nothing special right . Now the second method is more interesting where we gonna use a single mobile device to connect Chromecast without any internet connection .

Chromecast Without Wifi (Or Internet)

Note : In the above method , we just used the hotspot from the primary device as a router modem to share the internet connection (thereby eliminating the usage of Wifi router)

Method 2 –  Use Chromecast Without Internet Connection Using Only A Single Mobile !!

Now here comes the real trick for using Chromecast Without Internet connection at all . As seen earlier , we have used a primary device to furnish an active internet connection for our secondary devices right . Now in this method we can use any number of secondary devices with the Chromecast without any internet (or primary device at all) .

Before that , let us first understand the real science to back this theory . Now we have to understand what is internet . This is nothing but a global protocol (IPv6) to connect to the global networks and search engines (by means of various dns names etc ) .

Now what is wifi ? This is a technology(wireless Lan standard) which enables devices to share data with each other by means of the transmitting and receiving antennas (built inside the network devices) . So in this case of data sharing , we can directly transfer data to the TV without having an active data connection .

So without an active internet devices can still able to share data in offline mode i.e. normal screen mirroring is possible via any casting device (like Chromecast as intermediary) 

Once you understand the basics , now let us see the steps that you need to follow here :

Note : Don’t consider this method as a complete internet free method , ideally you can just able to cast your mobile screen without internet . But if you want to watch movies or online videos, then you need to turn your mobile data ON anyways . 

1. Despite we have told earlier that we need a single device , but still you have to use a primary device as seen above to complete the initial set up process . (hope you have already noted down the hotspot network name and password in the step 1 above while performing the initial set up)

Note : You can even directly cast your screen from the primary device (connected to internet) to the TV in the method 1 above over the internet if your mobile supports cast option indeed. This is pretty straightforward (isn’t it !)

Also do keep in mind that the primary device will be required only once initially while setting up the Chromecast device .

2. Once you have set up your Chromecast app with your primary device , now its time to use the trick to use any of your mobile (Android/iPhone/iPad) to cast screen into TV without internet . 

3. Firstly switch off (or don’t use) your primary device any more . Since we already have the hotspot name and password as mentioned in the step 1 of the previous method , now we have to create a new wifi hotspot on this secondary device . 

Settings —-> Network & Internet  —-> Hotspot & Tethering —> Turn On Wifi Hotspot —-> Set Up Portable hotspot

Chromecast Without Wifi (Or Internet)

4. Create a new wifi hotspot with same network name and password as we have used in the step 1 above (basically this should e same as the credentials you used while setting up your Chromecast initially using the mobile hotspot)

5. Now after creating a new wifi hotspot (with same name and password) , turn the Wifi hotspot on (tethering ON) 

Note : This is the most important step , as you can connect with any number of secondary devices but do keep in mind that the network name and password should be always same

6. Now once the hotspot is turned on , try to connect it with your Chromecast device . (it may give several connection errors initially but after sometime you can eventually able to connect to the Chromecast)

7. Then to cast your screen simply tap on the cast option and select the cast device (Chromecast device in this case) , finally enjoy the screen mirroring from your phone to TV seamlessly . 

Note : In order to stream movies or web series , or if you just simply watch YouTube videos , you need to make sure you have an active data connection (mobile data is ON)

If you are a big fan of the Chromecast audio device till now , check here for top 5 Chromecast audio alternatives (The  small Chromecast audio device is already discontinued by Google)

Hope you really like this informative post . Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series . 

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