How To Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue – Simple Guide !!

We already know that Chromecast is one of the most popular screencasting and video streaming devices available today. Undoubtedly there is no shortage of streaming boxes in the market indeed. But Chromecast is one of the top choices for many of us (due to its quality and competitive pricing).

You can simply connect Chromecast device to your device and stream videos directly from your phone or listen to music etc . Sometimes you may experience audio issues in Chromecast, which is really frustrating. So in this post, we will explore the steps to fix the Chromecast no sound issue.

Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

We now basically look into the steps to troubleshoot this issue quickly. So just sit back and follow the steps one by one. (if you are lucky enough, then you can even solve this with any of the initial steps too, without going till the end) . Relax and proceed further.

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How To Solve The Chromecast No Sound Issue ? (Is there any solution !!)

If you are experiencing any annoying sound issues with your Chromecast device , then here we will be exploring all the possible troubleshooting steps indeed to fix the same. You just need to check one by one all the steps and do check the sound output from your TV.

Before proceeding further, it is expected that you already know the functioning of the Chromecast device to screencast your mobile/laptop screen directly to your big TV screen seamlessly.

It is assumed that you are using a wifi home router to stream the online videos and use the Chromecast device. Facing internet issues? Check out this awesome article for all the required steps to solve this correctly:

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Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

So once you have installed the Google Home app from the Play store , you can easily sync this app with the Chromecast device in order to use it for screen mirroring your iPhone with Samsung TV (or any other device).

Without wasting further time now, let’s start with the steps you should check to fix this petty issue :

1. Check Your TV audio settings and output for the Chromecast No sound issue !!

The basic and foremost step is to check for the TV audio volume settings. So just grab your TV remote controller and check whether the volume is fine or very low .

Also, try removing the Chromecast device from your TV, then attach some other external streaming/gaming device to check the sound output from your TV .

Try inserting some gaming console or check the TV audio output using other media sources. You can even plug in a Blue-ray player further. Once you start playing the external connected media, you will then able to pinpoint the issue source.

If with other devices you can able to listen to the audio sound well, unfortunately, the issue is with your Chromecast device .

Now if you can’t able to get the desired sound with other devices as well, then there is some inherent TV audio sound output issue. (then this post will be of no use)

2. Check the Chromecast connection and change it if required !!

Since you might have already connected your Chromecast device to your TV in one of the HDMI ports of your TV . So now we gonna remove this from the port itself .

Further, if you want to enjoy a lag-free experience in streaming your screen content then you should probably try connecting a separate HDMI cable to your TV. 

Sometimes we plug in the Chromecast to our TV and just forget about it for ages. So it’s better to remove the device and then keep it detached from the TV for some time and then again plug in it .

Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

Also you may try connecting the Chromecast device to some other HDMI port of your TV . Then just check for the sound output . Hopefully, it should work now. Finally, try removing the USB cable itself from the Chromecast and again connect it before connecting it to the TV port .

Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

If possible you may even try to remove the device (Chromecast) from the specific room in the app itself . Again try connecting the Chromecast device .

If still, you are facing the issue i.e. the Chromecast no sound problem, then don’t be disheartened too soon . Just move on and read further .

3. Check For The Chromecast Remote settings And Volume Slider In The App !!

Once you successfully connected to the TV , now you can easily do anything from the Home app itself (in the app select the main Chromecast device ) .

So you can even increase or decrease the volume slider (or ) from the app itself and you can even easily mute/ unmute the Chromecast audio from the remote app in your mobile .

Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

Here you just have to ensure that the volume slider is UP and the sound level is adequate for your listening . It may possible that you accidentally mute the Chromecast audio in the app itself. So check this one too .

4. Reset/Reboot Your Chromecast !!

Till now we aren’t precisely looking into the Chromecast device specifically. Now since we are pretty sure that the issue is with our Chromecast device only , then we have to implement the steps which directly impact the functioning of the Chromecast dongle directly.

Now from the hardware front, it is very rare that your Chromecast device got broken or suffered some physical damage (considering its size). So our main focus will be the software OS part .

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Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

As a novice user, the first step will be a simple factory reset (as we used to do in the case of our beloved mobiles)

Go to the Home app, select your Chromecast device, and then select the settings button. Then finally tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner menu option.

Tap on the option ‘Factory reset‘ option. Once the reset is done successfully, try connecting the Chromecast device again to the TV device.

Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

Also before resetting the Chromecast device , you may even try rebooting your Chromecast device once . Hopefully, this final step must work and you get rid of the Chromecast no sound issue .

Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

5. Contact Google Support For Assistance !!

No luck till now . Okay, so the last step that remains is to contact the Google support . You may directly go to the Google knowledge base i.e the Help Center and ask your query there (get help from the community too) . Fortunately, there are many good Google product experts present there to assist you to solve the issue .

And if you are still in your warranty period, then you can right away ask for the replacement. If your issue is still unresolved, then you may look for some best Chromecast alternatives right away :

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How To Solve The Chromecast No Sound Issue For Any Specific Website ?

Until now we are seeing the steps to fix the Chromecast no sound issue in any general scenario. Now the issue with any specific website is a subset of the above mentioned general issue .

Here the issue is known i.e. with our Chrome browser settings (since the issue is only with a particular site) . So it will be easier for us to solve this.

For example, let assume you are facing sound issue only in the YouTube site . So ideally there must be some site-specific setting that you might have changed, that results in this issue. To solve this we need to just allow the ‘Sound‘ in this particular site .

In your Chrome browser, follow the below path :

1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your browser window

2. Click on ‘Settings‘ towards the bottom

3. Click on ‘Site Settings‘ in the section ‘Privacy And Security‘ in the next screen

4. In the ‘Permissions‘ section, click on the option ‘Sound‘ while scrolling down

5. Then just make sure that the particular website is not in the ‘Mute’ list , and sound is allowed by default for all the websites.

Fix The Chromecast No Sound Issue

If you want to use Chromecast without Wifi (or internet) , just do check my previous posts. Hope you really enjoyed this post regarding the guide to solve the Chromecast no sound issue. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series . 

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