How To Add Music To Google Slides – Step By Step Guide !!

Addition of audio to  Google slides is indeed a long awaited feature . Many professionals , teachers , students have been waiting for this feature patiently . Now the update is recently incorporated to the Google Slides fortunately . With this new update , you can easily add a background music , narration , audio directly into your slides .

Earlier we used to put the links of any YouTube videos or the audio drive link in the slide deck . Basically there were some workarounds to add music to Google slides . 

No more workarounds now , you can now natively add audio in any of the Google slide deck you want .In this post we will explore the step by step process for doing such addition of audio file .So just relax and read further . 

Just remember that you can add audio only from your Google drive and not from your local storage . So there is no upload option given for this (hopefully in future updates it will be given) and also that you can’t just create a new audio which means that you should already have the audio file saved in your Google drive in advance . 

There are many free online voice recorders or audio tuners available to create a new audio quickly . Also do note their audio file types as for the time being the Google slides supports only two types of files formats .

 How To Add Music To Google Slides ?

As said above , it is assumed that you already have the audio file uploaded in your Google drive . And also keep in ind that the file types supported as of now is only the .mp3 and .wav in the Google slides . 

Without wasting any further time , let’s start exploring the steps as given below .

How To Add Audio File To The Google Drive ?

So before we look into the steps for adding music to Google slides , lets see the steps to upload an audio file to Google drive here . (feel free to skip this section if you already know this) 

For uploading a new audio file to Google drive , just follow the steps as given below :

1. Access your Google Drive by clicking on the link Google Drive 

How To Add Music To Google Slides

2. Now click on the ‘New‘ option in the left side 

How To Add Music To Google Slides

3. Click on the option ‘File Upload‘ 

4. Navigate to the location where you have the audio file present in your local storage of your PC . Browse the location and select the file  . Then finally click on ‘Open‘ 

5. Wait for some time , it will be uploaded in your drive 

Once uploaded in the Google drive , you can then organize the file or leave it as it is . Now we will go to our next step to add music to Google slides in the next section . 

Detailed Steps To Add Music To Google Slides !!

Now its time to add music audio directly into the Google slides by using the ‘Insert Audio‘ option . Just follow the below steps to add music to your slides :

1. Hit the url in the Google search bar to open a brand new slide deck (you may even continue working on any existing Google slides) 

2. Now start adding texts and visual effects that you wanna give to the slides . Then simply click on the ‘Insert‘ option at the top 

How To Add Music To Google Slides

3. Now click on the option ‘Audio‘ in the list of options as shown in the screen

How To Add Music To Google Slides

4. Then you can see the ‘Add Audio‘ screen , with all the options to add your desired audio from the Google drive (from recent/shared folder/team drives/my drive locations)

How To Add Music To Google Slides

Note : You can not able to preview the audio files while adding to the Google slides , so you can open up a second tab that will help you to preview the file that you gonna add to the slide . 

5. Just select the appropriate tab above to choose the already uploaded audio in your drive . Just click on the ‘Select‘ option

6. By default it will add the round  ‘Audio speaker‘ icon at the bottom left of your Google slide . However you can anyways drag and place the audio icon anywhere you want . 

How To Add Music To Google Slides

7. Once you inserted that audio file , you can just click/select the icon and then see an additional option at the top as ‘Format options‘ , which enables the different formatting options for this added audio file in the Google slide . 

How To Add Music To Google Slides

8. Now click on the option ‘Format Options’ , then you can see lots of options in the right side of the slide screen.

9. The most important of all is the ‘Audio Playback‘ option .In that the first section deals with the functionality of the added icon i.e. whether you want it to play the audio automatically (when slide loads) or when someone clicks on it . Also change the volume if needed . 

How To Add Music To Google Slides 

10. Then the second section deals with the  behavior of the audio when is track is already playing

11. The other below options are self explanatory indeed . 

Now once the functionality is clear to you , let us now see some limitations using this amazing feature . 

Drawbacks Of This Newly Added Audio feature In Google Slides Functionality !!

Whenever you share your slideshow and give it to someone  to edit or view the slide , they don’t have access to the audio file . You can still share the slideshow to other people , however they also need to have the access of the audio file . 

So your slideshow doesn’t keep the audio file embedded in it , it links out to the file and it keeps the original file in your google drive . So just remember that whenever you share any slideshow , also you have to give them access to the audio file . 

Hope you really liked this post regarding the steps to add music to Google slides quickly as an updated feature . Stay tuned for ore interesting stuffs in this series . 

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