Do You Want To Draw In PDF – Learn How You Can Do It In Detail !!

PDF (portable document format) is a popular format that allows you to save files that you can share with others via emails or some local files seamlessly. These types of documents are generally smaller than Microsoft Word files (and thus easy to store and share).

So now if you want to draw in a PDF, you can surely follow the steps here. Without wasting any time further, lets explore the guide now.

How To Draw In A PDF Document?

Making corrections or inserting images or drawings can only be done with the full Adobe Acrobat version. The steps to follow are the following:

  • You must click the Start button, which is located on the left side of your screen. You need to go to All Programs and select Adobe Acrobat Professional. Then open the program.
  • You should go to the File option from the main menu and select Open from its drop-down menu.
  • Go to your computer and find the PDF file where you want to draw and click open.
  • Wait until the document loads
  • Then go to the Tools option in your main menu and select annotations and drawing marks (Comment & Markup). This is found in the drop-down menu, which will provide several important options.

These drawing tools will allow you to draw a cloud line, rectangle, oval, arrow, etc. You can also draw freehand and also erase it. Select the tool you want.

draw in pdf

Place your mouse over the PDF in this step, you will see how the mouse icon will change to a sign with a blank or hollow interior.

You must place the mouse in the area where you are going to draw, then hold and press the left mouse button.

Drag the mouse over the PDF file to create your drawing. Release the mouse button when your drawing is complete or when you have added apart. You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you finish your drawing.

Place the mouse in the center of your drawing, and the white or hollow sign will change to a solid one with arrows at each end.

You can press and hold the left mouse button, drag the mouse over the PDF file so you can move it to another location. You can repeat this step until your drawing is in the place you want.

Then you must hover the mouse over the section of the drawing. You will see that the mouse sign will change from a blank or empty sign to a white arrow with a black border.

You must press the left button of your mouse and hold it down.

Drag the mouse over the PDF file so you can change the angle of your drawing. You can repeat this step as often as you like until your drawing is in the correct orientation.

PDF A Secure Format To Store Your Data

PDF is characterized by a format that allows you to protect your documents securely. It offers you the security you need so that unauthorized third parties can’t access the confidential documents.

Do you want to draw in a PDF file? Know the steps you can do to draw smoothly. The most common PDF editors allow you to view files and offer editing tools that make your job easier. In the case of Smallpdf, it allows you to insert text, images, and the possibility of drawing.

How To Draw In A PDF Using Smallpdf ?

So you can easily make use of the Smallpdf site to go ahead with the changes or to draw in your pdf file.  Follow the below-given steps :

  • Enter the website and click Edit PDF
  • Upload the PDF file

how to draw in pdf

  • You must choose the draw option
  • Then choose the color and thickness of the line you want in your drawing

how to draw in pdf

  • Draw what you want and then download your PDF file when you are ready to go.

How To Resize Or Remove Drawings From A PDF File?

This website is widely used, and its PDF file editing tool is very popular with all users. As already mentioned with it, you can modify the drawings that you have made.

  • Resize: in order to resize, you drag the corners of the drawing.
  • Change color: click on the drawing and then choose the color you want, the colors are on the top toolbar.
  • Rearrange: You must drag your drawing to any part of your PDF file.
  • Delete: Do you want to delete your drawing? It is very easy, drag the picture and click on the X that will appear on the same drawing.

Windows For Easy PDF Drawing With PDFelement !!

Another pdf editing tool is the PDFelement application. You can also use the PDFelement application online to draw in your pdf document. Follow the below steps as mentioned :

  • You must open PDFelement and upload the pdf file

Click on the open button in the lower-left window. This way, you can load the PDF document where you want to draw.

  • Draw on your PDF document

When you are over the file, click on the annotate tab, this option is found in the top menu. When you select this tab, you will find the icons for drawing, eraser, pencil, lines, cloud, rectangle, etc. From among the icons available for drawing, choose the one you like best.

how to draw in pdf

Use the eraser when you want to eliminate errors in your drawing; when your picture is ready, you can save your PDF drawing.

Hope these steps precisely helped you to edit and draw your pdf file in the desired way. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series. 

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