How To Post Pictures On Reddit – Step By Step Guide !!

Want to post pictures on Reddit ? No issues . Here we will explore all the possible ways of doing that easily . You need to just follow some basic steps in order to post pictures/videos on Reddit . Initially we will see the steps for posting a picture on Reddit from the web browser . And later in the post we’ll further see the steps to post anything from the native mobile app . So just be patient and proceed further  .

Before we move further , let us first understand some basics first about this wonderful and one of the popular community forum .

What Is Reddit So Popular ?

If you are still untouched by this amazing community forum , then its high time to join it . You can use this platform to gain knowledge and can also interact with the like minded people in any niche/field that you want to dive into for fun/education .

post picture on reddit

So Reddit is a popular online forum where the users can easily share any informative/engaging content (as per the community guidelines for sure) . Once you shared any post , other users can give thumps Up/Down based upon their engagement indeed .

You have to earn Karma on Reddit to become more authoritative and a genuine Reddit user in this platform . For earning Kama , you need to post/comment and gain up-votes from other members respectively . The more popular an item (post) becomes , the higher up the site it will be displayed .

Now its time to understand the steps you need to post any picture or video on the Reddit platform . So without wasting any further time , lets explore the steps now .

How To Post Pictures On Reddit In The Web Version Of The App ?

Firstly you have to understand that Reddit is no way an image/video hosting site . So you can’t right away host any images directly on Reddit .

Recently in the new version of Reddit , you can easily post an image/video directly on Reddit. So Reddit recently added native image uploading functionality to its platform ,  so that you can upload any direct images to Reddit . So firstly we’ll see the steps for the web version of Reddit app 

Follow the steps as given below in the web version (new Reddit version) :

1.  Open Reddit and log-in (or sign up) with your credentials (username and password) .

2.  Once you are in the home page of Reddit , On the upper left side of the page click the Home tab

How To Post Pictures On Reddit

3. Scroll down and find the option towards the bottom as ‘Create Post

How To Post Pictures On Reddit

4. Now you can view the ‘Create Post‘ screen where you have to select the type of posts that you want to post . 

How To Post Pictures On Reddit

5. Since we want to post an image on Reddit , so ideally we have to select the middle ‘post type‘ option i.e. ‘Image and Video‘ 

6. Now give some title to your post  that other Reddit members can see in the feed 

7. Now you can either ‘Drag and drop‘ the image you want to post here or click on the button ‘Upload‘ option 

8. Once you clicked the ‘Upload‘ option , browse the image file location that needs to be uploaded . 

9. Now you can finally click on the ‘Post‘ option present at the bottom . But do remember that you have to select a sub-reddit community to which you want to share this post with . So if you have not selected any , then the option will be disabled . 

Follow the steps as given below to post pictures on old Reddit web version :

If you are still using the old version , then we’ve got you covered here . The steps are same and pretty straight forward . Just go through the steps given below :

1.Open the old version of Reddit after you logged in (signed up)

2. On the right side of the page, there’s a line for you to select what type of post you’re going to make. There are two options: Submit a new link and Submit a new text post.

How To Post Pictures On Reddit

3. Now , if you post using the Submit a new link then only it allows you to post a photo, video, or a link. While Submit a new text post only allows you to post only text content.

4. After this click on the first option i.e. ‘Submit a new link‘ , then as usual fill the details i.e. post type ,title and finally upload the image/photo 

How To Post Pictures On Reddit

5. Then click on ‘Submit‘ , your post will be submitted and will be posted (provided it adheres to the community guidelines) to others . 

How To Post Pictures On Reddit App In Android/iPhone ?

Using the Reddit app on your android phone/iPhone to post a picture is also an option . Just make sure you have the app installed on your phone and are connected to the internet.

Once you open the app you will see at the bottom of the screen a red circle with a plus sign in the middle. Click that icon to open the menu tab to add a new post.

How To Post Pictures On Reddit

It will then show you three options: Post a link, Post some text, Post Image/Video.

How To Post Pictures On Reddit

Then go ahead and click on Post Image/Video and upload your image present in your mobile album/camera roll.

Finally to upload any photo, click on the four-box icon named Library below, or if you want to take a photo click on the Camera icon instead.

Put the title of the post , and select to what community of subreddits you want your post to appear and click on Post.

How To Post Pictures On Reddit In The Web Version Of The App Using Other Image hosting Site ?

Earlier , posing direct images was not possible on Reddit. So as a workaround , Imgur was used as the savior . Imgur is nothing but an image hosting site .So you may use Imgur to post images and will then create a link post that links to the URL of the picture you just uploaded to Imgur on Reddit .

Now to do this , if you have a picture on your computer, you should upload the same to Imgur online and then submit the link to Reddit. You can’t submit a picture directly from your your computer as it is (Earlier this was the case). 

Even now you can use the below steps to do the same :

1. Go to the Imgur site and sign up 
2. Upload any desired image from your local storage i.e.  from your PC or hard drive 
3. After uploading , copy the direct Link url
4. Then finally create a new post on Reddit
5. Then as usual , enter title, paste the Direct Link url of picture from Imgur in the url box 

After this the image can be seen as a thumbnail preview after you successfully posted on Reddit . You may also try , to upload and host your local images and then share the direct link on Reddit. 

For uploading any GIFs/MP4s you may use Gfycat and, like with Imgur, then again make a link post to the URL of what you have uploaded . 

Also do keep in min that if you want to upload any video on Reddit , then you can just upload any MOV/MP4 video format on Reddit . Don’t try with any other format .  

Hope you really like this post , stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series . 

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