Kast Audio Not Working – Here Is The Fix You Want !!

Kast application is indeed an amazing real time streaming platform to watch parties , play games in a community , even host movie nights together with your friends etc . Kast further supports voice and video chats , or can be used  just for a hangout purpose .

As we all know that nothing is precisely perfect in this world , so sometimes you may face audio issues with this wonderful Kast app . No more worries , in this post we will mainly deal with the Kast audio not working issue in detail . 

Trust me that this post will not be so long and hopefully you can get the not working audio solution by following the troubleshooting steps give here .  

Kast is basically known for its user centric simple interface and nice UI . You can easily create/join parties for fun. Further we can share/stream real time video with other party members .

Now once the video streaming starts , you can chat or let others to listen the audio that you are enjoying  listening to , all through Kast app audio settings .

How To Solve The Kast Audio Not Working Issue ? (Troubleshooting Guide !!)

There is no specific resolution for this issue , rather we have to rely on the step by step troubleshooting guide . You just need to check through each of the check points , and if you are lucky enough then you may get success in the initial steps only . 

Also it is assumed that you have already installed and set up your Kast application in your PC/Mac device . And you are very well aware of the functionalities and working of the Kast application for creating parties and streaming online .

So without wasting any further time , let’s start exploring the steps you have to go through to solve this no sound in Kast issue :

1. Make sure your headphone / computer audio is working fine !!

It may happen that you accidentally tweaked some of your computer audio settings or the connected headphone sound by mistake . So this will be the first check you need to do . Simply play a song and hear it via your headphone or the default computer speakers . 

If it’s playing well as expected , then the issue lies in your Kast app audio settings precisely . So once this check is done , we can proceed further to our next check 

2. Check General Issues (Most Common Reasons For The Kast Audio Not Working Issue) !!

Once you start streaming or kasting video , the video is what everyone else can see but no audio they can listen from your kasting . This is indeed an embarrassing situation for you , when you are kasting a nice video for a specific group of viewers . 

The first thing you should check here is that just ask the user or all who don’t hear your audio a question i.e.  whether they have muted you (or everyone else too) by mistake or not . (this is rare but a valid possibility no doubt) 

Then if not muted , ask them whether they have the settings for the output audio as ‘Speakers/Headphones‘ in their Kast audio settings (will be see later) . 

3. Check The Voice Mode Options In The Kast App !!

Also make sure that you are set to ‘Open Microphone‘ and not to ‘Push to Talk’ mode (in voice mode) . Otherwise Kast will only send your output audio when you are pushing whatever button  you have set up for the ‘Push to talk‘ mode functionality . 

Kast Audio Not Working

If you’ve set the ‘Push to Talk‘ mode in the above setting then the voice/audio output will not go to others unless you click whatever toggle you have set in the ‘Push to Talk’ settings . 

4. Some Audio Tweaks That May Work For You !!

Still if you are facing the issue of no audio in Kast , then you may try some audio tweaks to check whether it is working or not .So a small audio settings that may eventually work is the option ‘Audio Input‘ option . First click on the gear icon ,then in the audio settings you need to change the input settings to ‘Stereo mix‘ . 

Kast Audio Not Working

If that doesn’t work , then you should change the setting to ‘Computer Audio‘ and check the audio output to others . Do make sure that all others should have ‘Speaker/Headphone‘ as their output audio . There may be some other possible combo which can work for you . But the above two options are the most recommended ones .

5. Check The Sound Settings In Your Audio Settings And Use A Virtual Audio Device !!

This is also one of the most important checkpoint . Sometimes your headphone is not compatible and thus no sound will get pass on to others . So using a virtual audio device can surely be a savior here . 

Sometimes if we use the same default audio type for our computer sound output and also in the audio input in the Kast app , then that may cause lots of interferences and sound incompatibilities .

Now if you want your Kast group members to listen to only the sound that you want them to listen (and not the background noise/sound) , then you can anyways go for any virtual audio device

These virtual audio devices basically route the sound to your main audio device (PC speakers) . Follow the below steps as given below :

1. Download the virtual audio cable from the link here .

Kast Audio Not Working

2. Extract the contents from the zip and run the .exe  file as administrator . Install the application and reboot your pc .

3. Now click on the volume icon at the bottom corner to access the sound settings . 

Kast Audio Not Working

4.  Or you can directly search the ‘Sound Setting‘ from the bottom search bar . Then click on the option ‘Sound Control Panel’ to modify the sound settings . 

Kast Audio Not Working

5. Once successfully installed , now you can see the sound settings panel as shown below 

Kast Audio Not Working

6. Now in the playback tab , you can see the virtual cable option newly added in the list , by default it will be ‘Speakers‘ 

Kast Audio Not Working

7. Once you select the virtual cable option as default in the playback tab , then the sound whatever you gonna play in your PC will get split into your microphone and the earlier set default computer speakers . 

8. Thus there will be a clear partition of sounds and no interference at all for the outgoing sound . Now in the Kast app , click on the gear icon and click on the input options in the audio settings . 

9. Finally select the option for the newly installed virtual cable driver option in the drop down list . 

So hopefully your Audio issue gets resolved by one of the above mentioned troubleshooting steps . If still you are facing issues with your audio , then don’t hesitate contacting the Kast support through this link https://kast.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

The audio issue in Kast is indeed a kind of bug . Just keep your fingers crossed for any upcoming future update to resolve this officially . Till then we have to keep trying the possible troubleshooting steps :-p 

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series . Hope you get the solution from this post for the Kast audio not working in Mac/Web issue . Let me know in the comments section if you are having something better that the above listed ways .  

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