Message Blocking Is Active – What’s This And How To Solve This Issue ?

Have you recently come across the error message while sending a text message i.e. unable to send a message – message blocking is active ? We are here to help you . Messages are the basic from of communication in today’s world .With the advent of new social networking sites , we can easily send a text message or a voice / video message to anyone and anywhere in this world.

In this post we however talk about the issue of sending text messages from any mobile. Recently some of my friends started facing the issue that is while sending a text message from the mobile, they can’t able to send the message. Rather they are getting an error message as unable to send a message – message blocking is active.

We have further investigated this issue (causes and remedies) . So in this post we’ll dive deep inside this issue and will explore the steps to solve this petty issue at the earliest.

Message Blocking Is Active

Before we explore the steps, you should be precisely confirmed about the mobile carrier plan you have opted for in your mobile. Sometimes you have only opted for the data plan and no text or no voice calls in it . Thus no SMS service will be permitted in your mobile plan , so if you send any text message then it is indeed expected that the message will not be sent.

So just be sure about the plan you have activated in your mobile device. Also in case of T – mobile users, this issue is more pronounced. Firstly we have to understand that in order to send a text message to someone else ,we can use either use the mobile carrier supported message application or we can even use the generic/default message application that is present in our mobile phone.

If you are unable to send any text message or or you have been encountering the issue i.e. unable to send a message – Message blocking is active, then just be patient and proceed further .

 What Is ” Unable To Send – Message Blocking Is Active ” Error In iPhone/Android Device?

Before we start looking into the steps, first we have to understand what is the root cause of this issue that is what things (settings) might Trigger this error message in your mobile.

Message Blocking Is Active

This is mostly seen when we try to reply back to any five digit special numbers or premium messages. In order to send a message to any special five digit number, you should have access for the same (discussed later). For that you have to change the message settings in your phone or can directly call your carrier customer service.

Message Blocking Is Active

The second most common reason is the the block list/spam list. If the sender or the receiver added each other (or any one party) in the block list of their phone settings then neither of them can able to send or receive the text message from each other.

Once you get the overview of the issue and the causes that will trigger this issue, it’s time for us to look into the steps. Now we have to use some troubleshooting steps to get rid of this issue. Hopefully in one of the steps you can get the solution and can able to send the text message again.

How You Can Fix ” Unable To Send – Message Blocking Is Active ” Issue Quickly In iPhone/Android Device ?

Below steps can help you troubleshoot the error, and it is it possible to get rid of the issue in any one of the steps . So let’s have your fingers crossed and just go through the steps :

Note : The below steps are applicable for all types of mobile OS i.e. Android/iOS devices . So if you have an iPhone/iPad/Android phone  , just go ahead with the given troubleshooting steps .

1. First and the foremost step is to reboot your mobile device i.e. just go ahead and switch it off and again restart your iPhone/iPad or your any Android device right away . 

Also try resetting the network settings in your Android/iPhone. Then try sending any text message. If you can then good else proceed further.

Message Blocking Is Active

2. The second step is to check the network connectivity. This is not that important but still we have to make sure that you are in good network coverage. In order to send any message you should have an active cellular data plan.

Further in this step only you have to make sure that you have already opted for an active data/voice/text message plan from any mobile carrier service.  For sending any text message you should have an active text message pack in your data plan.

3. The next thing you have to check is the type of message that you want to send from your mobile. In order to do this , just ensure that if you want to send MMS or SMS , and whether that format is already supported in your message pack provided by the mobile carrier.

4. Make sure that the date and time of your device is updated and the auto update feature is already ON for the messaging application you are using. Also try turning OFF the Wi-Fi while sending the message using the cellular data.

5. If you are using Android device, then try clearing the cache of your messaging application. Also check the device messaging service settings. (The rare way of occurrence of this error is by entering incorrect SMSC number , try to ensure that the SMSC number is correct)

If you are using iPhone, and you are sending message through the iMessage application then you can unregister iMessage and FaceTime application (sign out from your Apple ID and then try sending the message). Again register and start sending the text messages.

Message Blocking Is Active

6. Update your device OS to latest version. Also delete the existing text and text Threads if any after taking the backup of your message application.

7. Check the phone number that you want to send a text message. Also if possible try to send the message from some other mobile phone.

If you can able to send a message from some other mobile number then the issue is likely with your phone i.e. the number to which you want to send the message , it is either present in the block or spam list of your phone . If it is then you won’t be able to text to that number.

8. Check for the parental controls or carrier network settings in both your and your recipients phone. Also do ensure that you have adequate storage , i.e. at least 15% free space left in your phone. For this you have to delete some apps /photos /songs that you no longer use to free up some space.

9. Text messages are limited to certain characters most commonly that is 160 characters long which is subject to the carrier network settings. If your message exceeds for example 160 characters then it will be automatically converted into a picture message that is a MMS. For this just do ensure that you have an active MMS service.

10. Sometimes there is some possible service outage from the network provider side. It may be due to a temporary maintenance work or might be a message server specific issue from the mobile carriers side. In that case you can not be able to send a text message and you will see the error as message blocking is active.

11. Then maybe some issue with the short code. In order to fix the short code issue you may directly contact the customer support of your mobile carrier. If there is any technical issue you can directly call the customer support right away. 

Last but not the least if you are still facing the message blocking is active error while sending any text message from your mobile phone , then you can directly take help of any technician from your mobile carrier support service.

Hopefully from above mentioned troubleshooting steps you can easily pinpoint the the error and the necessary steps that you have to take in order to get rid of the error message. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series .

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