“Shipment received, package acceptance pending” – What This Exactly Means & What You Need To Do Next ?

In the USPS tracking status page if you see the message as ” shipment received , package acceptance pending ” then no need to worry as we are here to help you wisely decode this simple yet a bit misleading tracking status shown by USPS.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most popular and the largest postal service agency run by the government of US. Further it is also one of the most trustworthy and well organised Postal service that you may rely into , along with the FedEx and UPS in the United States for your shipment delivery.

Sometimes when you put the tracking number on the USPS postal tracking service page, you just see the status of your shipment as shipment received , package acceptance pending “. This is indeed a Complex but a simple thing to grasp if you understand it for once .

Shipment received, package acceptance pending

So without wasting any further time let’s decode this status in simple terms and know the exact status of your shipment . 

What This Status “Shipment received, package acceptance pending” Truly Means?

Before we look into the details, it is utmost important to understand that the shipping data has been sent to USPS electronically by third party. This status simply means that the package mail is not physically been scanned/received by the USPS yet.

Note : if you just want to see the meaning of the status , then you may skip the whole story in between and simply go towards the end 

Whenever we ship any shipment online , shipping labels will be generated and the USPS tracking reads shipment info send to USPS, USPS awaiting item. So this basically this means that the shipment has not been received by USPS.
There is also a scan form which contains the barcode that needs to be scanned in order to track the status of the shipments. When the shipment has been picked up and it has been received at the post office then the scan form will be scanned and the tracking status change to shipment received package acceptance pending.

So now what the statement that is shipment received package acceptance pending exactly means at this point ?

It simply doesn’t mean that the physical acceptance by USPS is pending , that is the shipment has been received but it has not been scanned yet and it is in the queue for getting scanned by the USPS window clerk .

Thus it precisely means that the package acceptance scan is pending and it may or may not never happen . You may also consider this state as your shipment is in transit and the final acceptance scan is pending and it it is indeed possible that the shipment will go out for the delivery without the final acceptance scan.

Shipment received, package acceptance pending

Evidently we can say that it is the sole responsibility of the worker i.e. the postal worker to ensure that the acceptance scan is done for each and individual shipment.

But at the same time it is not possible (due to time constraints) or the postal worker are not adequately trained to set their scan guns and screen towards a Barcode and change the status to package acceptance scan all to do a ‘scan form‘ scan.

In simple words we can say that it is sometimes not possible for the postal clerk to stand in a long queue to ensure that  the package acceptance scan is done for each shipment rather the clerk will simply put the shipment into transit.

So what you think, if the package acceptance can is not done then the shipment will not be delivered? No not at all. After any shipment is received and scan from has been scanned, then finally if the package acceptance scan has been done or not, the shipment delivery will finally move forward i.e. the package will be in transit.

All these items which are in transit may not be held up so long for another set of package acceptance scanning. So finally even if they are not scanned as accepted the package will move on and continue on their journey.

Then many such packages of mail which are not accepted and scanned , they will end up being delivered in the USPS tracking status page. Without ever being scanned as accepted.

Shipment received, package acceptance pending

Hopefully, now you got the complete overview of the delivery and possession of any shipment by the USPS Postal service. And you understand the meaning of the status for “Shipment received, package acceptance pending”

From now if you see the USPS tracking status as shipment received, package acceptance pending , then it simply means that the package is in transit and it is awaiting the final acceptance scan.

Even without the final acceptance can, you can expect the USPS tracking status as delivered . This may also means that the clerk has accepted the parcel from the shipper but it hasn’t arrived yet in the USPS sorting facility.

So What You Need To Do Next ?

Nothing . Yes you heard it right . Just wait for 48 hours, it still the status is shipment received, package acceptance pending then you may directly call the USPS Postal service customer support .

Earlier the tracking status used to show this phase as accepted but then in 2018 the USPS started showing this misleading status , which indeed confuse the shipment receivers .

Also this is pretty common during the festive Seasons , so we have to keep patience and if you still want to know the exact status then you will directly call the USPS customer care.

If the status of your USPS shipment remains same for more than five days , then you have to call the USPS employees , because the shipment might be broken or stolen probably .

What You Can Do To Avoid This In Future – Some Best Practices !!

Always before sending any shipment, ensure that the shipment is is insured with the USPS shipping. The USPS shipping insurance is  very important to incur the losses in case of stolen or broken shipment items.

Always try to put the address by giving each and every details you have for your shipment. This indeed help the delivery guys to pinpoint the exact location of your buyers quickly.

Shipment received, package acceptance pending

Finally you may choose other delivery services like FedEx or UPS for better service and fast delivery though they might be costlier than the USPS.

Last but not the least USPS Postal service is the most trustworthy delivery Postal service in the USA, so you can anytime call the USPS support or seller directly to get the exact status of the shipment.

No need to worry if your USPS tracking status reads shipment received, package acceptance pending. You just need to be patient and have faith on the USPS shipment process . 

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