Which Browser Uses The Least Ram – Let’s Find Out Here (A Case Study) !!

As we all know that Chrome browser is the undisputed leader in the search engine Arena. There are many other better browsing options available for you indeed . In this post we will dive into some specific performance related parameters for these browsers based upon their RAM usage. So if you want to know which browser uses the least Ram in Mac or Windows system, then this post is surely for you.

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most widely used web browser in the world (as per many survey and total users precisely). It’s user base is increasing day by day. However there are certain limitations that can force you to take two step back and search for other alternatives.

One of the top reason is the RAM usage (system memory consumption). Further you may also face privacy issues as Google is known to sell the user behavior data to advertisers (highest bidders) .

In this post we will practically check for the RAM usage pattern for four most popular browsers namely Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft edge. With the advent of new technologies, caching techniques and enhanced web page compression methods , you may realize that other browsers performs a relative better performance than the Chrome browser.

So without wasting any further time let’s dive into the details. For simplicity, we will test each and every Browser with the same web pages and with the same operating environment.

With the operating environment we basically meant that we will be using same Wi-Fi network with the same data speeds and for all the browsers , we’ll first clear all the existing cache and browsing history whatsoever.

Then we will sign out from the signed in accounts (if any) in each and every Browser. Then we’ll search for the same key terms in the search bar of every Browser. Lastly, we will open the same webpage in in all the browsers simultaneously.

Which Browser Uses The Least Ram

Once the above mentioned prerequisites are done, now we are good to do the actual test for the RAM usage in in each of these four browsers that is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and Microsoft edge Browser.

Which Browser Uses The Least Ram  ?

The browsing experience is indeed important in any search engine because it is the first step that you will encounter while searching any basic keyword in the search bar of any Browser. Moreover , what matters the most is the background performance of the browser (system resources consumption).

If you are limited in system resources that is RAM , memory, hard disk space, CPU configuration etc ,then if your favorite browser is consuming a lot of Ram and memory explicitly , then it will simply hampers the performance of your system i.e. you may need to charge your laptop sooner or your system will get less responsive precisely (sluggish and slow system speed)

There are many browsers available around us, but here we will test only the top four widely popular browsers in use. We will basically do the the RAM usage test by opening different number of tabs and doing low to heavy work in the browsers indeed one by one .

Browser Using The Least Ram – Round 1 (Single Tab Test)

As the heading suggest, in this section we gonna test the RAM usage and performance of each browser by opening only one specific tab in every browser at a time .

Now the webpage  that we open in one tab will be similar in all the browsers , this is done to ensure that the browsers are subjected to the same operating environments .

Which Browser Uses The Least Ram

So now we gonna open only the homepage of every Browser in one tab, make sure that you have only one tab open in all the browsers if you are also doing the RAM usage test on your own.

Once you open all the four browsers namely Chrome, Firefox, Opera and the Edge browsers. Then just open the task manager in your Windows system to see the RAM usage by these four browsers.

The winner in this round is – Opera Browser !!

Browser Using The Least Ram – Round 2 ( Five Tab Test )

In the previous section we have seen the RAM usage pattern for all the four browsers, when we open only one single tab with the same webpage. Now it’s time to proceed further for the next challenge that is with multiple tabs open simultaneously.

In this section will open 5 tabs with the same webpages in all the four browsers namely Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft edge Browser.

Which Browser Uses The Least Ram
Once we have 5 tabs open, now again we need to to open the task manager in our Windows laptop.(you may use the shortcut i.e. Ctrl + Alt + Del to open task manager directly )

The winner in this round is – Google Chrome !!

Browser Using The Least Ram – Round 3 (With 10 Tabs Open)

Once again we have to see the RAM usage pattern for each browser, when we parallely open 10 different tabs at a time in every Browser. Do keep in mind that the webpages should be similar in all the 10 tabs in every Browser to maintain the uniformity for this test case .

Which Browser Uses The Least Ram

Then look for the ram and memory usage in the task manager window .

The winner in this round is – Microsoft Edge !!

Browser Using The Least Ram – Round 4 (With 20 Tabs Open Simultaneously)

Now this is the final round where we make sure that each browser use the the ultimate amount of resources without affecting the system performance. Further remember that this is the extreme situation, having 20 tabs open at a time is rarely seen .

Which Browser Uses The Least Ram

However if you are a hard core geek having more than 20 tabs open while working then you should probably take into account the findings of this section.

The winner in this round is – Microsoft Edge !!

Which Website Uses The Least Ram – The Final Takeaway !!

Though Google Chrome is the widely used Browser, it is very well known for its user-friendliness and every intuitive UI design. That being said there are other options to available if you just want to have a better privacy and want to to completely block the ads whatsoever.

In our testing as evident from the above  , the clear winner is the newly revamped Microsoft Edge browser . So if you really care about the RAM usage and memory consumption in your system , then the Edge browser should be your ideal choice indeed .

Hope you really liked this detailed case study about the RAM consumption in different browsers . If you have any other useful findings , then let me and others know in the comments section . Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in the series .

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